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Greetings from the Mayor

On behalf of the Political Authorities of the city of Chiasso I warmly welcome all the participants to the 35th edition of the Memorial Arturo Gander.


It is an honor for a small city like ours to host such an important competition. The “Memorial Gander” is the most prestigious gymnastics event in Ticino with a more and more prominent role at the European level as well.


The municipality of Chiasso has always accorded a great importance to sports practice, giving its support to the various associations present within the district. Above all, we do have a special consideration for the activities dedicated to young people. For this reason, events such as the Memorial Gander are crucial in order to promote sports practice among them. Indeed, we are today surrounded by technological means which we manly use while we are comfortably seating on our sofa. This might lead our kids to stay away from sports practice. Getting closer to international champions like the ones present at the Palapenz,will for sure motivate who is approaching the world of sports, and in particular the gymnastics discipline.


The Organizing Committee and the volunteers who dedicate their time and commitment to the activities of the Swiss Gymnastic Federation of Chiasso deserve our heartfelt thanks.


To conclude, I would like to warmly invite the population of Chiasso to attend this prestigious and unique “chiassese” gymnastics event!


Bruno Arrigoni
Mayor of Chiasso


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