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Greetings from the President

33 = responsibility

When I was 33, I became president of the SFG Chiasso (Swiss Gymnastics Federation of Chiasso) after Paolo Zürcher, who had been in charge for 33 years.

Today, as president of the Organizing Committee, I am approaching the 33rd edition of the Memorial Arturo Gander. Also in this case, as an “inheritance” from Paolo Zürcher.

As I already said when I became president of SFG Chiasso, I will not try to beat the longevity record of my friend Paolo Zürcher. Nevertheless, I will try, with an excellent team, to go along the path of this important event created and directed until the last edition by Paolo.


Our motto will be “combining innovation and continuity”


In order to succeed in this challenge, counting on the competencies of experts into different fields is crucial. The Castelletti family is assuring the technical competencies: Fulvio together with Nicola and Carolina. We can count as well on the dynamism of the Executive Committee: Walter Cremaschi is the president of the SFG Chiasso and responsible for the logistics of the competition, Alberto Mogliazzi is the former president of the SFG Chiasso and responsible for the finances of the Memorial Arturo Gander and Claudia Poncini is responsible for the administration. And…of course the precious role of consultant is held from Paolo Zürcher!


On top of that, the Organizing Committee groups together all the people who, forlong time, have been guaranteeing the success of the event in their different functions. Thanks to all of the persons who contributed in bringing to life the Memorial Arturo Gander in the past. And good luck to those who decided to undertake with us the challenge of guaranteeing its continuity.


With great satisfaction, we can notice that our sponsors are emotionally tied to the event and in most cases remain faithful: Caffé Chicco d’Oro, RSI, La Regione, The Municipality of Chiasso, AGE, and Sport Toto. Moreover, starting this year we can mention as supporters also BancaStato (co-sponsor), Centro Medico Chiasso, Medacta for Life Foundation, Argor-Heraeus, Adecco, Rapelli. A group of “corporate friends” which, together with advertisers and service suppliers, will make it possible to organize the 33rd edition of the Memorial Arturo Gander.


A heartfelt thanks to all the tireless and fundamental help of our volunteers whotake care of the event in every detail.


November 2nd is getting closer… thanks to the commitment of every single person, we will not be caught unprepared. We hope we will organize for you a wonderful “gymnastic evening”…

now let the 33rd Memorial Arturo Gander begin!


Fabio Corti

president of the Organizing Committee

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