Greeting from the CO President

It is with great respect, humility, and gratitude that I take up the baton as Chair of the Gander Memorial OC.

Respect for an event that first of all bears a special name, that of a man who renewed artistic gymnastics with wisdom and enormous competence; for an event that has enabled our town to make itself known in the world, for an event that has brought established champions from every continent to Chiasso.

Humility because special people have gone before me, at the head of the OC.

Paolo Zürcher first, for many years and many editions, an icon for all us, a man who still remains a fixed point of reference.

Then Fabio Corti, for only two editions (the third was unfortunately cancelled due to the terrible pandemic that closed every door) but he made a very important mark of innovation while maintaining continuity; he left this role to take on another one of further prestige and commitment, the presidency of the Swiss Federation of Gymnastics.

It is therefore up to me to now follow in their footsteps, aware that the commitment will be very delicate but their closeness, their advice if needed will comfort me, just as I am certain I can rely on all my OC colleagues to carry out their tasks, as they have always done.

Finally, recognition because for me this new adventure is an honour that makes me proud to be here, to give continuity to an event that we “Chiassesi”, and we gymnasts above all, have loved for four decades now.


It won't be easy though. The current situation does not make life easy for anyone or anything. The pandemic has put the whole world into a crisis, has stolen serenity, hindered projects and ambitions.

It also took away the 37th edition, which should have taken place two years ago when, unfortunately, the storm of COVID raged mercilessly.

So I hope that next November 23rd everything can be at least near to normal, to enable us to enjoy the show that the champions present will offer us, to relive this magical evening with great enthusiasm.

Because the Memorial Gander truly deserves to be a special evening.


And it certainly will be, also because many friends have been close to us and have helped us in a very important way. I therefore take this opportunity to thank the sponsors, advertisers and donors who have believed in us and supported us in an important way.


Nonetheless, I would like to address a thought of extreme gratitude and thankfulness to all my colleagues on  the Organizing Committee and the volunteers of the SFG Chiasso: without them, without their passion, their competence, their enthusiasm nothing would be possible.


Finally to the protagonists of the 39th edition of the Memorial Gander, to the male and female gymnasts who will bring our "parade of stars" to life, the most affectionate wish: "good luck".

After all, they will be our definitive winning card!

Alberto Mogliazzi

Alberto Mogliazzi

President of the

Organizing Committeea

Alberto Mogliazzi

President of the Organizing Committee

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