Hooray for the Memorial Arturo Gander!

The 37th edition of the Memorial Arturo Gander is knocking at our doors.

Also this year we will follow the motto “combining innovation and continuity”.

In this sense, there will be no major changes in the structure of the event, but only minor adjustments.


The Organizing Committee is indeed very proud of the latest edition of the event and has therefore all the intentions to walk with passion on the same road.


The Memorial Arturo Gander is bringing together in Ticino some of the best national and international gymnasts: organizing such an event is not easy at all. The higher level’s athletes are constantly solicited from prestigious competitions. The fact that they decide to participate to the Memorial Arturo Gander among all the proposals they have, should not be taken for granted.


For a small city like Chiasso, it is not easy to win the challenge against blazoned worldwide metropolises.  Also economically speaking, what we can offer cannot compete with bigger competitions. So why do so many federations accept our invitation and bring some of their best representatives?


Because we do our best to satisfy their requests, also the most personal ones. We try to be constantly available to facilitate their transfers, to take care of the individual dietary needs, to provide them with staff members who speak their language, to plan the training sessions according to their preferences, and so on.  In other words, we are committed to making them feel welcomed…as if they were “at home”.


Maybe this helps athletes to consider Chiasso in their competitions’ calendar. On the other hand, we should not forget that the name “Arturo Gander” always has a special significance in the international gymnastics context.


A huge teamwork makes all of this possible. I would like to use this occasion to thank all of our sponsors, first Caffè Chicco d’oro as our main sponsor, followed by BancaStato, La Regione Ticino, RSI, AGE, Chiasso Municipality, Swisslos and of course the Swiss Gymnastics Federation.


I would like to thank also the Organizing Committee and the volunteers from SFG Chiasso who work with passion and commitment both before and during the event.


Thank you also to all of those who attend the event year after year.


Finally, good luck to the gymnasts! We hope they can brighten a special night with their fabolous performances.


Hooray for the Memorial Arturo Gander!

Fabio Corti

Fabio Corti

President of the

Organizing Committeea


Fabio Corti

President of the Organizing Committee

Chicco d'oro